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The museum spaces of the Iroise country

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The Ponant Museum in St-Renan

The Drummond Castle Museum
in Molène Island

The exhibition on the Iroise Sea
au Conquet

The Seaweed House
in Lanildut

The Museum "Memories 39-45 "
in Plougonvelin

Heritage cannot always be revealed in the open air : old-fashioned objects, reconstructions, photos, detailed explanations are essential to recount the facts, perpetuate the memory of the past and enhance it. Museographic spaces have been patiently created for this purpose.
Some of them have a general nature, such as the Musée du Ponant, and thus become essential stops. Others are specialized in maritime surveillance, a particular mansion, an abbey, a shipwreck, rescue at sea, the national memory of all seafarers who perished in the sea, the exploitation of seaweeds or the depths discovery of a marine natural Park. This list is not exhaustive because there are also ephemeral exhibitions that it would be a pity to miss. The purpose of this site is also to report them to the public.

Located in the centre of St-Renan, the Ponant Museum is the museum of history and folk art in the Iroise country to visit. Its collections, patiently collected and displayed by a team of volunteers, cover a wide range of fields, but reflect the passion to preserve, present and explain to visitors of all ages what makes the roots of this country so interesting.

In Molène, the sinking of the Drummond Castle, more than a century ago, had such an impact that a small museum is totally dedicated to it. Its visit is essential.

In Le Conquet, it is in the premises located above the Harbour Master's Office that the Iroise Marine Natural Park has chosen to make known the secrets of the marine expanse that surrounds our coasts. An astonishing new world is opening up for those who push its door.

In Lanildut, Europe's leading seaweed port, tourists see tons of seaweed unloaded on the quays in semi-trailers, while a few steps away everything is being done to provide them with the information they want about this activity. The Seaweed House is there to explain everything about the seaweed harvested and their interest for our economy.

In the town of Plougonelin, 500 m from Pointe St-Mathieu, an extraordinary museum dedicated to the 1939-1945 war has recently been opened in our region. Its originality ? All of its showcases and presentations are displayed inside the maze of concrete corridors and platforms forming the former firing command post of the most powerful German battery in all of western Brittany. A cultural visit as well as a place of memory not to be missed.

Discover all these exhibitions that have been set up for you.