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The Aber-Ildut viewpoint

( Municipality of Lanildut)

GPS : 48°28'22.4 N  4°44'43.3 W

Access :   Coming from St-Renan, pass the church and park a little further in front of the public school which is indicated on the right by huge coloured pencils. On the left, an signposted path leads to a remarkable balcony overlooking the Aber-Ildut.

   Lanildut has the particularity of having a superb landscape on the Aber Ildut estuary, and of hiding it from visitors. Indeed, there are few gaps between houses from which you can see the aber. And you have to leave the last houses of the village to discover a coastal path. Following the felling of old trees in a plot facing the school, a magnificent view of the river appeared to everyone. As a result, the path along it became more frequented and its outlet to the aber, equipped with a bench, took the name of belvedere.

   A passage even allows you to descend onto the coastal rocks. The view is absolutely remarkable : to the west, the two rows of boats at anchor point towards the entrance to the port and towards the ocean. To discover the port itself and its main wracky activity, you will have to cross the village and then take the coastal path again.

   To the east, the view goes up the Aber Ildut River where the two rows of boats extend. On the south bank, you can see the hold of Kerglonou which belongs to the municipality of Plouarzel. It shows the remains of a quarry from which the pink granite of the obelisk's base of Place de la Concorde in Paris was extracted. A 1/7th scale reproduction of the obelisk is erected a little further on the edge of the port.

  This viewpoint that resurrects the aber is a calm and serene place where it is good to rest after a long walk and enjoy for a while the charm of the fresh waters that will get lost in the ocean.


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