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An exhibition of the Iroise Marine Natural Park

( Municipality of Le Conquet)

Parking GPS : 48°21'34.7"N   4°46'35.8" W

   It is a free exhibition, open permanently from April to September and located on the terrace of the Harbour master's office of Le Conquet. Aimed primarily at tourists who visit the islands on a daily basis, but not only at them, it aims to present the Iroise Sea, its fauna and flora in order to transform the waiting for the ship into a cultural moment. We will see that, ship or not, this presentation can be very beneficial to everyone.

Access: Coming from St-Renan or Brest, go straight through the centre of Le Conquet to reach the pier and park at the car park on the left, at the corner of Ste-Barbe Street and Dom Michel Street. Continue on foot and get off at the port. Right of the Harbour Master's Office, a metal staircase leads to the terrace.

  The exhibition is open every day, during the opening hours of the ground floor ticket office.
As soon as you go in, you think you're entering a ship's navigation bridge : light, portholes, marine views immediately bathe you in a maritime atmosphere.
Head right to the pilot place.

  The above view, which occupies the centre of it, reproduces the seabed of the Iroise Sea. The survey was carried out with precision using a bathymetric laser. A vast structure appears like a hill at the bottom of the Iroise Sea. Several green-coloured peaks emerge from the ocean. These are the islands of the archipelago. Ushant and Molène are the subject of small, more detailed maps on the left.

To the left of the cockpit, headphones allow the visitor to hear the commentary on the short film that takes place behind a window. We are at the bottom of the Iroise Sea and a diver's camera shows us a whole new world. This world is the one that is illustrated all around the room by large bright photos and explanatory panels.
We move among the zoosteres or kelp forests that undulate and show us their inhabitants. We follow a cuttlefish, admire the gorgonians and discover amazed by the ignored landscape that surrounds Le Conquet and that is still the Pays d'Iroise.

And after understanding the behaviour of one species, the visitor moves on to another, just as exciting. It thus goes from discovery to discovery.

On the cap of a porthole, a question is asked :

"I don't lack coquetry with my exotic fish look.
I wear an orange-yellow color with three black spots when I am female.
When I change sex and become a male, lateral lines
and an electric blue on my caudal fin give me a whole new look.

A fish sometimes male and sometimes female? A symphony of bright colours? And this before me in the Sea of Iroise?
The visitor has never seen such a fish before. Quick, he opens the porthole to find out the answer !

And other portholes ask other questions that can only be answered by going to the terrace of the Harbour master's office of Le Conquet.

Yannick Loukianoff


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