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The menhirs of the St-Laurent peninsula

( Municipality of Porspoder)

GPS of the isthmus car park :   48°30'59 N 4°46'12 W

   Superb place of Sunday walk, the St-Laurent peninsula offers to its visitors, in addition to a landscape at the same time grandiose and wild, four menhirs, all arranged at the southeast point. The Pors ar Verret group was classified as a historic monument on 27 December 1923.

Access :   It is from the very village of Porspoder that you reach the St. Lawrence peninsula. You can park in the isthmus between the port and the Women beach. One then reaches on foot the menhirs zone which are all located on the left of the entrance of the peninsula.
The coastal path has some difficult passages for people with disabilities.

The menhir of Pors an Ilis :

Isolated in the moor and visible from afar, this menhir is made of Landunvez migmatic granite. Of modest height, 1.45 m, it is 0.70 m wide and 0.40 m thick.

Les menhirs de Pors ar Verret :

   These three aligned stones are located only about thirty meters from the menhir of Pors an Ilis. They form a whole with three other stones lying nearby which it is difficult to say if they were erected one day.
The highest is 2.80 m, 1.80 m wide and 1 m thick.
This ensemble adjoins a natural granitic chaos from which the menhirs may have been extracted. So we could have the remains of a Neolithic quarry there.


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