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The low ovoid stele of Prat-Paul in Porspoder

( Municipality of Porspoder)

48°30'08.3 N  4°46'02.8 W

Access :    In the village of Porspoder, pass between the church and the café "Chez Arzel", then turn left in front of the town hall and follow the road to Gard'Sign. After the military field, turn left towards Prat-Paul. Park at a large grassy plot with a rock in the centre. The stele is located opposite, in a recess at the foot of the houses.

  This small stele is particularly discreet and the walker can pass by without noticing it. However, it was a small Iron Age monument that was supposed to mark one or more funeral urns.

   From a height of 0.60 m, it is roughly ovoid. Its section is an oval with diameters of 0.60 m and 0.50 m. It was carved from a local white crystal granite, difficult to observe because of the lichen that covers it.

    It does not have a visible base. Only a small bulge at ground level lets her guess.

    In the Pays d'Iroise, unlike quadrangular, there are not many hemispherical or ovoid steles. However, another comparable stele is found in the Dreff, a district of Porspoder located only 500 m away. It is therefore possible that both may come from the same field of urns whose exact location may one day be discovered.

The low ovoid stele of the Dreff


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