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The fallen stele of Penn an Dour

(Municipality of Plourin)

Parking GPS :   48°29'20.5 N  4°38'16.9 W

Access : From the D168, between Lanrivoaré and Ploudalmézeau, and 1 km after the Lanrivoaré exit, turn right towards Tréouergat. After 750 m, park on the left side at the junction of a wide dirt path. Continue on foot on this path. The stele is located 200 m at the foot of a tree, on the left edge, in front of the entrance of a field.

It is indeed a Gallic stele in the shape of a truncated quadrangular pyramid. Lying on one of its sides, it shows a chamfered cut edge. At the other corner of the same face, the cut edge ends with a wide crack in the stone.

   Its base is fully visible. It is not very voluminous and when it was buried in the ground it only reached a depth of 38 cm.

   Including the base, the stone measures a total of 1.14 m. Its average width is 0.60 m and its thickness gradually decreases from 0.60 m at the beginning of the base to 0.40 m at the top. The large fracture affecting it has caused it to deteriorate deeply over a length of 0.55 m.
   The stele has a small rectangular cavity near the top, 5x3 cm, 5 cm deep, which seems to have been well dug in order to engage a fence element, hardware, slat, or metal rod. It was therefore probably used as a fence post to close this field entrance to cattle.

But we don't know where it might have been before it was used here. And its current position, hindering passage to the field, endangers its future conservation.

Thank you to the Internet user of Plouguin who informed us of the presence of this heritage element and kindly led us there.


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