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The beautiful stele of Goulven 1

(Municipality of Locmaria-Plouzané)

GPS : 48°28'29 N  4°40'22.6 W

Private property, do not enter the garden

Access :   From the D789 Brest - Le Conquet, take the direction of Locmaria-Plouzané from Kerfily. At the stop sign, turn left and continue until the end of this road. The stele supports a very pretty cross in a private garden. It is fully visible from the road.

This beautiful cross carved in a block of kersantite immediately catches the eye. But its support is no less aesthetic: it is a pretty decagonal stone made of light granite from Trégana, with an above-ground height of 1.20 m. Its concave faces, now very eroded, can only be the result of the delicate work of a professional stonemason from ancient Gaul.

The Gallic steles are mainly toncated pyramids of rectangular cross-section. A ten-sided stele, such as that of Goulven, is therefore worth mentioning.
Its location in a private garden is obviously not original. In fact, until a few years ago, it was located in a nearby enclosure, surrounded by elms, which delimited the now defunct chapel of the Goulven manor house. We know the mobility of these small monuments, but we do not know what the primitive location of this one was before its Christianization.

Other stones at 30 m:

   Would the hamlet particularly attract Iron Age steles ? When you turn back from the previous cross, you only need to take a few steps to see two stones on the right of the road delimiting the entrance to a playground.

   If the first is indeed a Gallic stele with a quadrangular section, the second stone, smaller, looks more like a milestone. However, this identification is uncertain because one of its faces, dug in an arc of a circle, could simply betray a building stone.

-1- Say "Goulvin".


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