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A project that exceeds my skills:

  I put on line this site detailing the wealth of heritage of a very small part of Brittany, the Pays d'Iroise, in Finistère.
Iroise Heritage contains more than 200 pages in 2018 and mainly provides information to tourists, in particular by providing them with itineraries to access each of the heritage elements described there.

But I'd like to do better:

I have begun to translate it into several languages in order to reach foreign tourists as well.
Oh, sure, not the 200 pages all at once. The translations can be put online little by little, one by one, there is no hurry.
But I used automatic translations, the result of which is sometimes very approximate. Their main fault is that they do not take into account the structures of each language.

Hence this call to Internet users:

Who wants to try and help me by verifying and putting right one or several pages of the site, according to his choice, into English, German or Spanish ?
At any time, an online translation can be improved by its translator.

Do you speak this language well enough?
Maybe it's even your mother tongue?
Feel free to offer your volunteer help by email to:

And a big thank you to those who will agree to try it out in order to make their small contribution to an achievement that will become collective.

Yannick Loukianoff